Think of this as similar to booking a hotel last minute. We may have, for a variety of reasons, appointments during any day that become available. If your lifestyle allows you to be flexible with your appointments, we offer the opportunity to grab a Cut & Finish for £35. You simply need to call the salon on the actual day you want an appointment and we will tell you if we have any standby appointments available or not. If we have we will tell you who they are available with and what times we have, and if it suits you, you can grab one. We release the morning appointments from 9.30am, and the afternoon/evening appointments from 1.30pm. During this appointment we will offer you a free Colour Consultation and Skin Test. If you Book your Colour Appointment there and then and pay a deposit, £35 will be deducted from your bill on the day we see you for your Colour.

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